Eric - Owner

Eric has been riding on motorcycles since 1978.  He started on bicycles and quickly grew a passion for motorcycles and their inner workings. After years of working for a major motorcycle accessories store, Eric branched out on his own to provide customer service that people were looking for along with service at reasonable prices. 

Eric loves to make industrial art and Rat Rods and hopes to be a rapper one day. His wife says "Don't quit your day job."

Eric owns too many bikes to list but loves all motorcycles and has Harleys, a dual sport, dirt bikes, an ATV, a trike & more.

Jeremy - Tech

Jeremy has been working on motorcycles since 2004 and is a MMI graduate.  When he isn't wrenching on bikes, he likes to longboard and travel.  If he isn't writing his own rhymes, he finds inspiration from listening to Sublime.

Jeremy is an artist working with metal and uses all sorts of different items in his art including motorcycle parts. Come by the shop to see some of his pieces. His art is for sale and he uses the proceeds to obtain more tools! More tools!!

​Jeremy currently rides a Shadow Phantom 750

About Us

Eric Swift started Swifty's Motorcycle in 2012 after being in the motorcycle industry for over a decade. We noticed after talking to many motorcyclists that we needed a quality driven shop in our area. What started in a small corner shop has moved on to a nearly 10,000 sq ft area with plenty of room for parts, apparel, work space, and even a stage. With a solid staff, Swifty's can take care of all your motorcycling needs.